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Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Why Job Seekers Are Turning to Medical Billing and Coding Careers in 2017

In the modern employment market, jobs that once seemed to be the mainstay of the American economy are in decline. With online sales cutting into the retail market, many retail chains are closing stores or contemplating bankruptcy. Credit Suisse predicts that 20 to 25 percent of all shopping malls will close over the next five years. Manufacturing in the U.S. has declined by 12.8 percent in the last decade, losing almost 2 million jobs. And advancing technology has slashed certain kinds of businesses and careers, such as photofinishing.

Fortunately for job seekers in 2017, some career fields are growing. Medical billing and coding are two (2) of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare industry today. Medical billers and coders are in high demand as medical offices and hospitals across the country convert to electronic record-keeping and billing systems. Even the smallest medical offices need professionally certified medical billing technicians to process insurance claims for reimbursement. This offers a unique opportunity for those seeking stable full-time employment, whether they are just out of high school or are seeking a career change. Certified medical billing technicians can earn upwards of $70K per year after some experience in the field.

Unlike many careers in the medical field, jobs in medical billing and coding do not require a four-year degree or postgraduate education. For example, students in the Medical Billing and Coding program at Eagle Rock College, located in Los Angeles, can complete the coursework and externship in as little as 30 weeks of full-time study, although the school also offers longer evening programs for those studying while balancing other commitments.

A high-quality program such as the one offered at Eagle Rock College can be the ticket to a skilled position in the medical industry. As one of only three colleges in Southern California offering a program approved by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Foundation’s PCAP, Eagle Rock College not only prepares students to obtain valuable industry-standard certification, but it also includes externships, career counseling, and job placement as part of its medical billing and coding program. As the leading organization dedicated to advancing the standard of health information management, AHIMA sets a high bar for medical billing and coding education. To be successful CCS candidates, students must demonstrate their knowledge of subjects such as anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, and more, and only programs offering a comprehensive curriculum receive AHIMA Foundation’s PCAP approval. Eagle Rock is also a Title IV-approved institution, which means eligible candidates can receive federal financial aid for their studies.

As a growing field, the medical industry is a natural place to look for a career. Among other factors, the aging population of the U.S. has created more demand for medical care, and with it, the need for associated support staff for healthcare providers. With positions in medical billing and coding available in hospitals, insurance companies, outpatient facilities, and regular doctors’ offices, coding specialists enjoy enviable job security in an uncertain job market. Trained specialists can find full-time positions with benefits and enjoy upward mobility in their field.

The changing face of employment in the U.S. does not need to spell disaster for American workers. Schools like Eagle Rock College offer genuine opportunities to allow students to reach their career goals. The right training in the right field can be the answer. To learn more about a career in medical billing and coding, click here to visit Eagle Rock College.

Improve your life with a new career as a medical coding or billing professional. Click here to visit Eagle Rock College.

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