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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Finding Fulfilling Work After You Retire

Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you want to give up working all together. Many people spend years planning (and waiting) for retirement, but once it actually arrives they often find themselves bored after a few weeks.

More and more retirees will find themselves back in the job market looking for full or at least part-time employment to spend their days or perhaps to supplement their income.

Here is a list of the top 5 jobs that are perfect for a “second career”:



Teacher’s Aid: One great way to connect with your community is to work with kids. Working with kids can increase your energy and exercise your brain. Schools all over the country are always looking for qualified and caring people to work in classrooms. Opportunities can range from one-on-one time with special needs students to working as a classroom assistant, helping teachers prepare their lessons. It’s a great option to get out of the house for a few days a week and work pretty good hours.


shutterstock_53135806 (1)Tour Guide: A great way to meet new people and keep the mind sharp is becoming a tour guide. While it doesn’t always pay the best, it will keep you occupied. Becoming a tour guide for a local museum or historical venue is a great way to share knowledge and interact with different personalities on a daily basis. Many local historical societies, museums, and art galleries always need help educating the general public about local, state and national history. Tour guides are often well-rounded and knowledgeable people who have patience and love history.



Driver: In a world where Uber reigns supreme, becoming a drive is easier than ever. You get to manage your own hours, get paid directly and meet interesting people. Retirees that stay local are a huge resource to the driving industry because they often know their way around a city. Knowledge of an area is a major plus when becoming a driver and it’s something that companies like Uber and Lyft look for. Best part about being a driver-you will be able to choose your own hours.



shutterstock_142103407Non-Profit Work: While this may not be a salary position, it pays great dividends in karma. Non-profit work is extremely fulfilling and can be done on a regular schedule or whenever you can fit it in. The commitment to the job depends on what position you take, so often times full-time availability is not a requirement. Retirees have so much to offer in way of experience that just isn’t available to these companies at the price! Positions in not-for-profits can range from event planning and fundraising to accounting, so there is really something for everyone.



Seasonal Work: This might sound like an open-ended description but there are some great seasonal employment opportunities that still give retirees time-off while providing a little boost of income throughout the year. Working as a tax preparer, retail holiday help, for your favorite sports team or at a National Park, can provide something to do while not jeopardizing all of your free time. A lot of these jobs are not often posted so reach out to local groups or directly to the employer in your area to find out what is available and when.

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