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Sunday, August 1, 2021

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Tips on How to Prevent Hangovers After a Late Night

Tips on How to Prevent Hangovers After a Late Night

While the best trick to preventing a hangover is to not drink too much in the first place, it can happen especially around the holidays. So if you happen to enjoy yourself a little too much at a party here is what you can do to fend off the nausea, headaches, dizziness and general misery […]

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7 Things Making You Older Each Day

Our daily activities certainly play a role in our long-term well being. Apart from the immense toxins present in the environment due to pollution, many people still consciously introduce harmful chemicals into their body – i.e. drugs, alcohol, food preservatives, etc. Apart from these habits, there are 7 other factors that have a serious influence […]

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The Secret to Dating and Landing the One You Want

Most everyone goes through periods in life where they ‘fly solo’…either by choice; or just when they find themselves in between relationships.  Alone periods needn’t be lonely – they can be wellsprings of needed self growth.  Then, when the time comes and  you’re ready to start dating again, if you radiate self confidence and energy, […]

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Why a Kiss is Definitely More than a Kiss

When the mood strikes, a kiss can catch us in a mix of tastes, textures, mysteries—and scents.  We kiss nervously, flirtingly, angrily, or excitedly.  And a kiss is not just all about sex: Hollywood celebs throw us air kisses, mobsters impart the kiss of death, and an astronaut kisses the soil after a safe return […]

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