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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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AARP Membership boosts quality of life for Americans 50 & over

(SL) — Most Americans aged 50+ share the same concerns: they worry about maintaining economic security for themselves; their long-term health and finding the right insurance; maintaining livable, affordable housing—and just enjoying an engaged, active lifestyle.  Now, with the first baby boomers turning 50, and the economy in a recession, these concerns have never been more pronounced.

Healthcare is a worry

The unpredictable cost of illness and healthcare is by far baby boomers’ biggest fear.  In fact they are nearly three times more worried about contracting a major illness (48%), being able to pay for healthcare (53%) or ending up in a nursing home (48%), than they are about dying (17%).  While they worry about this, Washington gridlock threatens to quash any chance of affordable, quality health care for all.

Financial issues loom for those 50+

With the current wave of corporate bailouts, many Americans 50+ wonder: where is my bailout to supplement my too-meager retirement savings?  Unfortunately, pretty soon, our government’s Treasury won’t have enough money to fund Medicare, let alone take care of the rise in Social Security dependents.  A recent poll by the National Institute on Retirement Security illustrates Americans’ anxiety: an astounding 83% of those polled said they were worried about having a secure retirement.

A place where Americans 50+ can turn

There is an organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for all people as they age, leading positive social change and delivering information, advocacy and service.  It has over 40 million members and offices in all 50 states.  The organization is AARP.  Perhaps most importantly, the organization realizes that money talks.  The group is adamant about influencing corporations to offer new, better choices for Americans aged 50+.  And AARP members truly benefit—for only $16 per year.

The benefits of AARP membership

For this low fee, AARP members get a free membership for their spouse or partner, instant access to member benefits and discounts after joining, and considerable discounts on products and services, including: health, auto, homeowners, life, and long-term care insurance; rental cars, cruises, and vacations; technology and gifts; a credit card; pharmacy, and alternative health and legal services.

A quick glance at AARP’s website (, shows a wide range of financial resources, including the Best Employers for Workers Over 50, an AARP Foundation Reverse Mortgage Education Project; and AARP Tax-Aide, an all-volunteer tax professionals team providing free tax guidance to AARP members.

Bringing FUN to life for those 50+

AARP believes that quality of life can get better at age 50.  To promote this, they offer members a great chance to partake in literally hundreds of bargains: a 5% savings on unique vacation rentals, a 20% discount from National Car Rental, and savings of up to 50% on vacations and hotels worldwide, to name just a few.

AARP member savings help make life affordable, and fun.  Member Patti Owens proclaims, “I was taking a trip to Charlotte and needed a rental car.  I looked on all the Internet discount and coupon sites as well as AAA first.  The best price I could find was $285 from the airport.  Then I was reminded about AARP.  I saved $125 on the car I rented.  I’d say my membership paid for itself.”

If you’re 50+ and want to start saving money with thousands of great discounts and offers, visit to become a member today.


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