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Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Big Earners Do These Things

What does it take to be a top earner?  Although everyone’s path is different — it’s not surprising that  earning a high income is usually  achieved by working harder than most.  And among high rollers, you’ll find many entrepreneurs who have created something special to offer in the market place.  

Beyond creating a special product or niche – when you look a little closer at the personality and character traits of those in top income tiers you’ll find certain things in common.  Most have been able to:

Follow their passion in life:  The old saying, ‘Do what you love and the money will follow,” looks to be very true.  High earners – everyone from Warren Buffet to the Kardashians followed their passion with unwavering confidence and persistence.   For example, Warren Buffet made his first investment at age 11 with $1,000… and never stopped.  And from an early age the Kardashians were encouraged to follow their passion; no-one ever questioned  their love of fashion and make-up as being too frivolous

Establish clear goals and follow though with an actionable vision.  It helps to start young.  But at any age, establishing clear goals is an important first step to becoming a high earner.  Even if it only means writing down how much money you’d like to earn in the next year.  Progress by setting goals for specific time periods and then lay out a plan for achieving your vision.  It helps to write things down.  

Show hard work, resilience, and persistence.
  One of the richest men in the world, George Soros, wasn’t endowed with a silver spoon upbringing.  He began his career selling products at an open air market.  But he wanted more, and once his education was complete – he persisted with job applications until he finally secured a position at a Merchant Bank in London.

Stay fit and maintain a disciplined lifestyle:
Most big earners are high energy people who are in top physical shape.  Evidence suggests  that keeping fit and healthy can benefit your job performance, which may in turn impress the boss and help you climb the ladder and get that raise.   Yet Professor Cary Cooper,  professor of organizational psychology at Lancaster University Management School, cautions against concluding that just working out at the gym will necessarily translate  into success at work.  He adds: ‘People who are driven to succeed at work are driven in every other aspect of their lives.”  So you’ll often find them at the top when it comes to physical fitness.

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