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Friday, March 24, 2023

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At Home Hair Color – Pro Results: Genius!

A vibrant, glossy head of hair  boosts self confidence and adds sparkle to your whole appearance.   Even more so if you’re going grey.  If you can afford a visit to a good salon you know what a difference a professional touch -up can make.

But salon visits are expensive and time consuming.  Yet even with many household budgets in tightening-mode, most women still feel that occasional, even regular visits to the Salon are worth it.  Salon treatments allow you to enjoy gorgeous, custom color that lasts.

If you’re looking to stretch a dollar, you’ve probably tried to match the results achieved by the pros at home, by using over-the-counter products.  Unfortunately, they just don’t measure up.  The shade never seems right.  Your hair lacks the glossy shine and bounce. You miss the expensive ingredients and the custom color experience.

One company that offers an affordable, high quality solution is eSalon. 
eSalon offers custom salon quality color delivered to your door. Health magazine called it, “Genius!”

 Here’s how it works:

  • A professional colorist will analyze your answers to an online questionnaire and create a customized kit you’ll receive in a few days via Priority Mail. 
  • The kit contains professional quality tools, a personalized permanent dye to cover your root area (especially effective for grey hair) and a separate formula for ends…formulated for example to reduce brassiness.
  • The high quality dyes are less damaging than off-the-shelf products,  provide 100 percent grey coverage, and include ingredients such as Vitamin E, B5, and aloe vera that leave hair with rich, shiny, and lasting color. 
  • For less than $20 per application you’ll receive the same advanced quality and formulation you would expect at a salon at three or four times the price.

Currently, eSalon is offering new clients a way to try this great new product for free. For the cost of just shipping, you’ll receive a complete professional review of your profile and your first full supply of your own customized color.

You can try eSalon now, “Get Pro results at your Place”: Click here to learn more and receive your first kit free.

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