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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Cord Blood Facts and Misconceptions

Cord blood is the blood that remains in a newborn’s umbilical cord after birth.  One of the amazing things about cord blood stem cells is its ability to find injured cells and tissue in the body and initiate a healing process.

If you’re about to be blessed with a newborn (or know someone soon due) – you should know that the miracle of life can now bring a miracle of healing.  Thanks to advances in stem cell therapy, your baby’s banked cord blood can be used to help save lives. 

By making the decision to allow your baby’s cord blood to be collected and banked, you can help to further important medical research.  Or to help cure a previously untreatable disease, perhaps sometime in the future.  And that person could even be your child him/herself, or someone in your family. 

Modern medical science treasures these potentially life-saving umbilical cord blood stem cells:  They are incomparably pristine, ‘smart,’ unique, and powerful.  In fact, currently –  cord blood stem cells are being used to successfully treat previously untreatable diseases, or injuries.  They are important to further research in a miraculous new area of medicine called regenerative medicine: An exciting new branch where scientists are studying the use of cord blood cells in experimental treatments for conditions once thought to be beyond cure.    

The decision to bank your baby’s cord blood should be made well before your due date.   Consider the facts and misconceptions:  A common fear and misconception is that removing cord blood for collection will take something away from your baby.   The fact is:   Nothing at all; no blood is actually removed from the newborn.   After the umbilical cord is clamped and cut, it’s usually discarded and thrown away.  Instead, if you request to have your baby’s cord blood collected, the only difference from the routine procedure is that once the cord is cut – your baby’s cord blood will be saved, rather than discarded.

If you’re awaiting the miracle of birth, you should seriously consider saving, or ‘banking’ your baby’s cord blood.  It could be yet another precious gift of life.  It’s a one-time opportunity that can be a lifesaving, or life-giving miracle of healing for someone you’d like to help.

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