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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Start Saving on Your Auto Insurance

Good times come and go. But if you can budget wisely – you can improve your life style without spending more. 

It’s not hard to eliminate non-essentials like ‘fun food.’   And the advent of wide-screen T.V’s and availability of DVDs means its fun to stay home instead of splurging on expensive nights out.

But how do you cut back on essentials like car insurance? 

As a first step – begin by comparison shopping:   CarInsuranceWeb is a good place to start.  They offer free, instant auto insurance quotes at competitive prices.

Here’s what  CarInsuranceWeb recommends to keep policy premiums low:

Insurers share an industry-wide computer database where they can find information about your payment history with your last provider.  Keep your auto insurance payment current.  If you never miss a payment you won’t be penalized for having a poor payment record.

Eliminate unnecessary coverage.  For example, full comprehensive, or collision coverage may be inappropriate for older vehicles. Consider that it might cost more to insure an older vehicle than to replace one.

You can save significantly on your policy premium by raising your deductible limits.  However, first assess your risk-to-reward, and only take this step if you have an ample emergency fund to cover the cost of the deductible.

Explore all discount options you can qualify for:  Some of these include low-mileage driving, the installation of car alarms, or completing a defensive-driving course.

 Inquire about group discounts you may be eligible for.  Check out partnerships carried by your employer, professional organization, banks, etc.


Tickets, especially moving violations add points to your license and increase your insurance costs. Accidents also increase your risk profile and will increase premiums.

Start saving on your auto insurance:  Visit CarInsuranceWeb today for a free quote.