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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Fast, Safe, and Easy Way to Get a Tan at Home

Anyone looking to maintain a healthy glow nowadays knows it isn’t as easy as it seems.  Maintaining a healthy glow can become expensive and hazardous to the body: the smells of different lotions, the dangers of tanning booths, the orange glow that is now your healthy tan.  According to ABC News, last year alone there were 1.3 million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the United States.  Noting this increasing threat many do not want to put themselves at risk.  So then, how does one get that bronze tan when the winter months roll around and daytime hours are dedicated to work?  Although the risks of tanning are known, many ignore them to achieve the beauty of a tan.  Joliese Tan helps to obtain a natural glow while avoiding the threats of indoor and outdoor tanning.

Better than oiling up and baking your skin under the UV rays, Joliese Tan offers a healthy, vibrant appearance that lasts without the expenses and risks of prolonged exposure.  With appearances on MSNBC and “Good Morning America”, Joliese is completely safe and FDA approved… it’s even good for your skin.  Professional Beauty commented, “Sunless tanning products are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the harmful effects of tanning outdoors, and want to maintain a healthy look without the time input or health risk.”  When using properly, a Joliese tan will last five to eight days: simply exfoliate thoroughly with the Exfoliant, apply the Joliese Special Formula, and use the Moisturizing Crème generously every day after initial application.  The Moisturizing Crème’s combination of moisturizer and aloe vera will leave the skin soft and smooth.

Joliese tan will leave you with an all natural, bronze, streak-free glow to match that of your own skintone.  As a water-based product, it contains no alcohol to dry out your skin or leave you looking orange.  Today, tanning beds are one of the leading causes of Skin Cancer, because Joliese is a topical product that does not penetrate the skin, this possible danger is relieved.  With a fresh, alluring scent the product is unlike others that leave an unpleasant odor behind, and dries fast so it won’t stain or rub off on clothing or sheets.

On a survey which was conducted of a 100 person test, over 80% of consumers found the product both easy to use and pleasant in fragrance, while 92% of consumers liked the color tan they received.   Get the tan you want when you want it, in the convenience of your own home.  No more wasting time travelling to the tanning salon, making appointments, or waiting in line.  Joliese Tan cost significantly less than the damages to your skin and a membership at a tanning salon.

Bottom line?  Don’t spend an arm and a leg at a tanning salon, or submit yourself to the dangers of tanning beds, use Joliese Tan Free.  Your beautiful bronze glow will leave you looking and feeling healthier, you’ll even look slimmer.  Visit our website and get your bronze glow today.