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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Need Money For School? Help is Now Available.

Everyone now knows there are many advantages to obtaining an online education.  An online education allows students to keep their full-time jobs, and complete degrees at their own pace.  And by earning a college degree, individuals dramatically boost their earning potential.   Furthermore, the US currently has an extreme shortage of skilled, educated workers, so a college education has never been more valuable.

Yet, actually paying for a college education can be a different story.  In the current economy, just making ends meet can be difficult—paying for college may seem impossible.  However this is not reality.  Most online institutions offer financial aid; in fact most schools will actually help students obtain that aid.

There has never been a better time to look for financial aid.  The Obama Administration is committed to helping more Americans than ever obtain a higher education.  It has already initiated a $15+ billion increase in Pell Grant funding, $200 million for Federal Work-Study, $60 million for the Student Aid Administration, $160 million for the Corporation for National Service (including $89 million for additional awards), and $40 million for the National Service Trust.  Additionally, billions more have been set aside for a federal-state initiative, dedicated to furthering education at all levels.

Furthermore, the government’s stimulus bill includes the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which permits up to a $2,500 in tax credits per student.  That’s important, because tax credits are far more valuable than tax deductions: credits actually reduce your tax dollar-for-dollar; deductions just reduce the amount of your income subject to tax.

Although obtaining financial aid might seem like a daunting task, it can be easy, with the right help.  Thankfully, there are now several online resources that can help potential students get the money they need.

These websites put people in touch with schools offering a wide array of financial aid options.  These include Federal student loans, Employer-based financial aid, Tuition Reimbursement programs, FAFSA applications, privately-funded aid like grants and scholarships—and of course, any of the Obama administration’s latest initiatives.

These sites have other great features, too.  Many of the online universities and colleges in their databases have counselors equipped with financial aid calculators.  These guide users effortlessly through the process of finding just the right financial aid package.

One of the top websites in this category is  The site partners with many online universities offering associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

So if you’d like to make your dreams reality, and find the best way to pay for your online education, visit today.