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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Debt consolidation services answer consumers’ needs

A staggering number of Americans are being crushed by debt these days. The economy continues to struggle in its quest for steadier ground, and that has left consumers pondering ways to pay off their credit cards and loans.

Many displaced workers are without jobs and a lot of others are now under-employed, having seen their overtime get cut and in some cases, their full-time jobs have become part-time positions.

The prospect of settling large debts is a tall order to fulfill for consumers who either lack steady employment or whose reduced hours have cut deeply into their wages.

For those individuals, the assistance provided by a company like Accelerated Financial Services could be the answer to their debt nightmares. Accelerated Financial Services has helped many consumers reduce their debt balances by thousands. Accelerated Financial Services are designed to significantly shrink credit card balances and monthly payments, making it possible to cut interest rates and pay only a fraction of what the consumer owes.

Before getting a stream of harassing phone calls from creditors, consumers will be pleased to know that Accelerated Financial will deal with those creditors for them. Before exorbitant interest charges devour your savings, let a debt consolidation company like Accelerated Financial help bring those charges down.

Taking several high-interest rate accounts–which may have been adversely affected even further by late fees—and combining them into a program with one affordable monthly payment could well be your best option.

If you can no longer keep up with your credit card payments, click here to get a free savings estimate and see how much you could be saving.

*Service available in: AL, AK, AR, CA, DC, FL, IN, MD, MA, MI, NC, NE, NM, NY, OK, PA, SD, TX, VA