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Friday, March 24, 2023

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Concrete projects made easier with SAKRETE®

SAKRETE(1)Contractors and home owners alike may find the process of finding the right solution for paving and patching projects intimidating due to the perception that concrete and asphalt products are hard to work with.
One company that has been diligent about addressing these concerns is SAKRETE® (, a 79-year-old company that is in the process of revolutionizing the way concrete and asphalt are employed in both construction and home repair projects.
SAKRETE® offers a product that can make old concrete surfaces look like new. SAKRETE® Flo-Coat stands as a legitimate alternative to expensive concrete replacement with a highly flowable material to resurface worn concrete areas such as a driveway or patio replete with fissures and faults. SAKRETE® Flo-Coat applies easily with a lightweight squeegee, and it’s Polymer-modified for better bonding strength.

If you are looking for less bags to haul and mix, SAKRETE® MAXIMIZER® Concrete comes from a proprietary formula that provides a great deal more coverage than many common concrete mixes by employing a lightweight aggregate material. MAXIMIZER® yields 67 percent more coverage than a standard concrete mix, is 40 percent stronger than standard concrete mixes and has over 5500 PSI. The MAXIMIZER® formula is easier to mix and formulated to help prevent the damage that winter’s tempestuous freezing and thawing can do to a surface.
MAXIMIZER® can be used for elevated slabs and walkways, patios, driveways, curbs and posts.

To repair asphalt and potholes, SAKRETE® offers U.S. Cold Patch®, which is made from recycled asphalt and is odorless. U.S. Cold Patch® is made for lasting repairs, and its composition of greater than 95 percent recycled material makes it environmentally safe. Uniquely designed to cure by compaction rather than evaporation like regular asphalt patch, it can be driven over immediately with no tracking. Designed to be used in either wet or dry conditions, U.S. Cold Patch doesn’t leave an oily mess when you’re done applying it.

SAKRETE® has a complete line of concrete-related products which can be found at most home improvement stores. For a location near you that carries Sakrete products, click on Also for any tips and assistance with your projects, please visit our videos at