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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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How You Can Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The revolution may be here for sufferers of sleep apnea

Sufferers of sleep apnea have struggled with just two options for addressing their snoring issues, neither one a pleasant prospect: a CPAP machine or surgery.

A CPAP machine forces air down the passageway with a tube and a mask, a process that, for many, merely substitutes one sleep distraction with another, because the machine can be noisy, uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Surgery will cut off excess tissue and muscles that obstruct the air passageway. But surgery is both expensive and irreversible.

But now there’s another option neither as cumbersome nor uncomfortable as a CPAP machine nor as extreme a measure as surgery to address a sleep apnea problem: Oral appliances.

A device that comfortably repositions the lower jaw forward while you sleep, an oral appliance opens the airway by moving the tongue forward and tightening the muscle in the back of the throat. When you breathe normally, air flows freely through your lungs. The American Sleep Union consults with board-certified dentists and doctors to fit a person suffering from sleep apnea with a custom-fit oral appliance that has been cleared by the FDA.

There are only two products that are FDA-approved to eliminate or reduce sleep apnea: an oral appliance or a CPAP. Both the oral appliance and CPAP eliminate or reduce sleep apnea by opening the blocked airway in the back of your throat.

American Sleep Union makes a plastic oral appliance that many will find surprisingly comfortable due to the patented plastic used in its construction. People who use it are may find it more snug and comfortable than any oral appliance made by a dentist.

American Sleep Union guarantees the quality of this oral appliance for a year. If you experience any problem with your oral appliance, American Sleep Union will fix or replace it for free for one year.

American Sleep Union is so confident that you will find their appliance to be the most effective in treating sleep apnea and snoring that American Sleep Union will let you try the appliance for only $9.95 today. If the appliance eliminates your sleep apnea & snoring resulting in a better night’s sleep, keep it and pay the remaining payments or return it and pay nothing further.

With no risk to you, you may find a better night sleep without snoring and sleep apnea.