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Friday, June 21, 2024

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New online pet food website makes pet owners’ lives easier

If you’re a pet owner, you know the familiar drill all too well… You are almost out of your dog’s food, or your cat’s litter, and you have to make a last second trip to the pet store.  You see a great deal on a larger size of pet food and hurt your back in the process of picking up a 30lb bag off the shelf, into your car, and into your garage.  Well, you can kiss all those Chiropractor bills goodbye, because there’s a new kid on the block, and they’re here to both save you a bundle of dough, as well as eliminate all that back pain.
Introducing… has removed all the hassle from buying pet food.  There’s no more trips to the store, no more running out last second because you have nothing to feed your cat or dog and no more lifting heavy bags! will deliver all of your pet’s needs directly to your front door, on a schedule of your choice and best of all, for a very limited time, is offering absolutely FREE SHIPPING on any $59 auto-delivery order.  You heard right, you can get a 40lb bag of Fido’s favorite food delivered right to your door, without any shipping charges!  All you have to do is use coupon code WOW59 when you check out today – and you will get free shipping on all of your future deliveries! spells the end of “shopping around”

Because of , pet owners no longer have to spend hours browsing websites to see who has the best bargains. Until now, pet owners have had to jump around from site to site, with the hope of saving 5% or 10% per order.  But today, with, savvy shoppers recognize that they can use the site to find exactly the food their pets want—and then save money for life.  And yet, saving money is just one of many reasons why is so popular. carries over 70 brands of pet foods, treats and litter, including Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, Royal Canin Veterinary Care, Taste of the Wild, Science Diet, California Natural, Canidae, Orijen, Natural Balance and many more.  The best part is, will deliver your pet’s food precisely when you need it, whether it’s every 2 weeks or every 14 weeks, you can be sure that you never run out.  You save time, gas money, and taxes too (except for residents of NJ/NY).

So, if you think you’re old enough to stop doing chores like shopping for your pet’s food, it’s time you visited  PetFlow has authorized a free shipping promotion for the next 48 hours only.  Use code WOW59 and you will get free shipping on any $59 order. Visit today. .

(By the way: If you don’t need $59 of products, shipping is just a tiny $4.95 for any smaller order!)