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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Tips on How to Prevent Hangovers After a Late Night

While the best trick to preventing a hangover is to not drink too much in the first place, it can happen especially around the holidays. So if you happen to enjoy yourself a little too much at a party here is what you can do to fend off the nausea, headaches, dizziness and general misery that follow a night of having a “little too much fun.”



Take your multivitamins: Hangovers aren’t just about dehydration, they are also about inflammation and losing essential vitamins. Antioxidants (yep, like those found in multivitamins) can help mitigate the damage, so pop an extra multivitamin or drink some pomegranate or acai juice before you head out.



And eat protein: While this might sound pretty obvious we often forget to eat while we are out. We often get busy enjoying great company and cocktails and forget to sit down for a proper meal. Make sure your meal contains all the essentials-carbs, fat and a lot of protein. Burgers are a great one-stop-shop to help you prevent the next day booze blues.



Rest: Make sure to set an alarm on your phone. While staying out past 11 on a work night might seem like a great idea at the moment, we can guarantee when your alarm goes off the next morning, it’s not. Get as much sleep as you can before you have to go into work the next day.



Skip the bubbles: This goes for champagne and soda mixers. Bubbles aka carbonation may help to accelerate the absorption of alcohol, so you get drunk faster and often have a worse hangover. Choose juice mixers which have more antioxidants over soda mixers which can worsen your hangover.



Drink plenty of water: A great trick is to alternate every drink with a glass of water. This is a great way to combat alcohol’s dehydrating effects and slow down your intake of booze at the same time. Another plus, water is free, so you can save a little cash too.



Eat a hearty breakfast: While you might wake up not feeling so hot, making sure to eat a breakfast with a great mix of protein and carbs can really help boost your body. Eggs and toast is a great start to making a full recovery by the time you hit your office.



Add coffee to your breakfast: A little caffeine, along with plenty of water, can help alleviate hangover symptoms, especially a pounding headache.  Caffeine constricts your arteries, so it can often help if your head is starting to hurt.

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