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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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7 Things Making You Older Each Day

Our daily activities certainly play a role in our long-term well being. Apart from the immense toxins present in the environment due to pollution, many people still consciously introduce harmful chemicals into their body – i.e. drugs, alcohol, food preservatives, etc. Apart from these habits, there are 7 other factors that have a serious influence […]

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Tips for Getting the Best Available Mortgage

Mortgages rates may not be as low as they were a few years back but they have stayed at a surprisingly low level. The average rate is about 4.14% at the moment, this is great compared to the 6%+ rates of the last decade. Keeping this in mind, ‘now’ makes for a great time to […]

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Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods

Stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices can take a significant toll on testosterone levels – a person as young as 30 can begin to be impacted by this predicament. While many associate low testosterone levels with sexual health, lower testosterone levels can impact the body as a whole- stamina, mood, physical recovery, and cellular repair can […]

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12 Fat Burning Foods to Add to Your Diet

Grapefruit Grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C – which is quintessential in helping metabolize fat. In addition, it helps lower blood sugar and the need for insulin. Insulin is created by the body to bring high blood sugar under control and can contribute to excessive fat growth. Try incorporating grapefruit in your breakfast, eat it […]

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Concrete projects made easier with SAKRETE®

Contractors and home owners alike may find the process of finding the right solution for paving and patching projects intimidating due to the perception that concrete and asphalt products are hard to work with. One company that has been diligent about addressing these concerns is SAKRETE® (, a 79-year-old company that is in the process […]

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Learn to Fly without Fear or, How to Conquer Fear of Flying

Most everyone has experienced moments of fear while flying.  It’s one of modern civilization’s most common phobias, claiming one of every six people.   Some say it’s an "apples and oranges" comparison – but per mile, air travel is considerably safer than automobile travel.  In fact,  a recent US National Safety Council study shows flying to […]

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