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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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What Types of Insurance Do You Really Need?

Insurance is an economic pillar of western society.  Fortunately, it’s more than just a corporate wealth engine. Having the right insurance coverage offers peace of mind by offering protection from unknown disaster.  Without it, you can be financially wiped out.  So it’s a good idea to carefully assess how much, and what type of coverage […]

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Learn to Fly without Fear or, How to Conquer Fear of Flying

Most everyone has experienced moments of fear while flying.  It’s one of modern civilization’s most common phobias, claiming one of every six people.   Some say it’s an "apples and oranges" comparison – but per mile, air travel is considerably safer than automobile travel.  In fact,  a recent US National Safety Council study shows flying to […]

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AARP Membership boosts quality of life for Americans 50 & over

(SL) — Most Americans aged 50+ share the same concerns: they worry about maintaining economic security for themselves; their long-term health and finding the right insurance; maintaining livable, affordable housing—and just enjoying an engaged, active lifestyle.  Now, with the first baby boomers turning 50, and the economy in a recession, these concerns have never been […]

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A Scientific Approach to Muscle Mass

Are you the ‘average joe’ sick and tired of feeling weak and unhealthy?  Or are you a serious bodybuilder, stuck on yet another “plateau”—and just can’t improve?  If so, you may be interested in a new product whose main focus is Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide, now featured regularly in the news, is a natural compound […]

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